White Sneakers Airport Look, Affordable

Are you sandal type of person or a sneakers type of person? I was a sandal person for the longest time and all of a sudden I made a shift and became a sneakers person. White sneakers are in trend for a long time now. Here is a white sneakers airport look put together.

White sneakers affordable-the girl abroad

 It is so effortless to style and really comfortable to roam around in. Above all, it can be worn with denims, leggings or even dresses. I find that to be the best part about sneakers. I see white sneakers airport look popping up every now and then, be it in instagram or in pinterest. So I thought of putting up a very casual yet comfortable airport look which is very affordable. You do not have to spend a handful of money to get these looks.

Being in Dubai, I was always fascinated by the Smiley World collection of Splash Fashions. So a while ago, during one of my visits to Splash Fashion store, I spot a sweatshirt by Smiley World. I tried it on and it was super comfy and cozy. That is how I picked up this one right here. Now as winter is approaching, they have a lot of new collections. You can find them in stores or on their website. Anyhow, I paired mine with a pair of black jeans.

Now to the exciting part, the white sneakers. Any guesses on how much and from where I got it from? white sneakers-the girl abroad

It was just AED 65 and I bought it from Red Tag. I so wanted a pair of white sneaker which was less expensive, although I am huge fan of Adidas Superstar. Wherever I go and turn to, I spot at least 5 pairs of Superstars. That is when I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be great if there was an alternative which could be styled just as Adidas superstars.  The search for it began and eventually I got my hands on this beauty of mine. It is really comfortable and stylish. The lace detailing at the side gives it a nice sheek look. Even though sneakers are used for workouts in the first place, I think this is more of an everyday kind of wear. That is the only negative point I think it has.

The White Sneakers Airport Look

white sneakers airport look-the girl abroad

The look I created is as shown in the photo above. As I mentioned earlier, the sweatshirt and the black jeans are from Splash Fashions, the sneakers from Red Tag, the handbag from Steve Madden and the shades are from Ray Ban.

Recently I had been to my home country wearing this look. It is really necessary for me to be wearing something light and cozy during the flight. I am guessing, it is the same for all. I generally wear sweatshirts for flight as I feel very cold during the journey. If it is summer, I rather not wear sweatshirt but I do bring along a blanket or jacket with me for flight.  Do share with me what have you created in your latest flight journeys. Also do let me know if you would like to see any other looks to be created affordably.

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