VLCC Skin Care Haul plus Review

It is a ‘haul and review’ this time. VLCC is a brand which is very popular for their weight loss programs and skin care products. VLCC sun block lotion is one of my all time favorites. This made me curious if all of their other products are the same. As a result of which, I thought to put together a VLCC skin care products haul and do a little review about them.vlcc skin care products-the girl abroad

When I say VLCC, probably many of you would relate it with products which smell almost similar to their ingredients. The products I picked up are no different. I have always believed that a good skin care routine could do wonders for the skin. For me, a skin care routine is, cleansing, exfoliating and toning. However, for the days that I feel my skin is dull I use a good face mask. Hence, the products I picked up for this VLCC skin care haul are also intended for the same.

  • Sandal Cleansing Milk
  • Pineapple and Papaya Gentle Exfoliating Scrub
  • Rose Water Toner
  • Liquorice and Fenugreek Natural Fairness Face Mask
  • Strawberry and Waterlily Peel Off Mask
  • Punarnava Astringent
  • Lemongrass &Walnut Foot Scrub

Sandal Cleansing milk

The cleansing milk is used to remove dirt and makeup from skin. The sandal cleansing milk contains sandalwood extracts along with almond oil. It is suitable for all skin types. In addition to cleansing, it also claims to soothe irritated skin. This cleansing milk does smell like sandal. For application, I just dampened a cotton pad with cleansing milk and applied it all over the face and neck. I noticed that it removed all the dirt and makeup leaving the skin clean for the next step.

Pineapple and Papaya Gentle Exfoliating Scrub

This face scrub is for normal to oily skin type. Generally scrubs are used to unclog pores and remove blackheads or whiteheads. This face scrub has micro particles in it and has a thick consistency. It claims to deep cleanse the pores and reduce excess oil. The pineapple extracts in the face scrub removes dirt, exfoliates and controls oil whereas papaya extracts leaves the skin smooth. It did reduce the excess oil but there was no noticeable decrease in blackheads.

Rose Water Toner

I love using toner to calm the skin after a scrub since it reduces the chances of breakouts. Rose water toner is very mild and soothing. It is for all skin types. Similar to the cleansing process, you just have to dampen a cotton pad with the toner and apply it all over the skin. It is easily absorbed but not necessarily pore minimizing as it claims to minimize pore.

Liquorice and Fenugreek Natural Fairness Face Mask & Strawberry and Waterlily Peel Off Mask

Then I picked up two face masks, one is a lightening face mask and the other is a peel off. Fairness face mask is suitable for all skin types and the peel off mask is suitable for normal to oily skin. I think I prefer the peel off mask better as I did not find any immediate result for lighting mask.

The next two items are just random products. Punarnava astringent is almost a type of toner but even more strong. It removes excess oil and I feel it is a bit too drying. As a result, it is good when used right before applying makeup. The foot scrub is yet to be tried out. Eventhough there were some not so great products in this VLCC skin care haul, I think it was pretty decent.


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