Unwind Stress Effectively-5 Easy Ways

Having stress is not an uncommon thing in today’s fast moving world. Something that happened at work, appearing for an exam or attending a job interview are some of the many causes that leads to stress. These however are short term stress and can be normal but these when unchecked can even lead to long term stress. In short, stress in any form can do harm to our body. However, there are ways to relieve stress. Try out these 5 ways to unwind stress effectively after a really long and tiring day and sleep like a baby.

Unwind stress effectively-the girl abroad

  • Music

First and foremost, the easiest and the best way to unwind stress effectively is nothing but ‘music’. Music is said to be a medicine for almost everything. It has a great link with all our emotions. When you listen to songs that you love, it instantly brings out happiness from within. Soft and melodious music helps us to relax by lowering the blood pressure and reducing the stress hormones. During the time we listen to our favorite playlist of songs, it helps us to deviate our stressful thoughts to a more calmer thoughts.

  • Long walks

Go for long walks where you can get lots of fresh air. There are proofs of walking to be the best exercise anyone can do. It helps us to be more creative, productive and healthy. A healthy mind will never be stressed. Our brain releases endorphin when we walk, which is a hormone that stimulates relaxation. It is because of this hormone we feel less stressed after a long and pleasant walk.

  • Detox bath

Have a warm detox bath for about 20 minutes to help relax. It helps in cleansing and balancing the pH of the body along with bringing calmness to the mind. To make a detox bath, add a handful of Epsom salt with 10-12 drops of lavender oil and a half cup of baking soda. Lavender oil is very soothing for the mind. It helps in reducing headaches and migraines, which again may be the side effects of stress. You can also use your favorite scented candles during the bath. Bath and body works always have some amazing collection of candles.

  • Reading and Tea

Another great way to unwind stress is to enjoy some tea (green tea, chamomile tea or any of your favorite tea) with a great book. Like music, books are also a means to deviate your mind. Select any book, be it a new one or the one that you love to read over and over again and make some tea. Find your favorite place that is cozy and comfortable, light some scented candles and enjoy the book.

  • Meditate-Pray

Last but not the least, meditation. Starting the day with a little bit of meditation can help to manage stress to a very large extent. I know it is a bit overwhelming to start meditating all of a sudden. For those of you, who do not know how to meditate, prayer is the simplest way of meditation. Making it a habit to have prayer daily in life can have a large impact on your mind.

Try out these 5 simple ways to unwind stress effectively.

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