Top 5 Travel Friendly Apps

Have going for a mini holiday made you anxious and excited the same time? Excited, yes because you are going to that one place you have dreamt for a long time. I feel anxious too, sometimes thinking about the language or fearing if I could lose my way and what not. The list could actually go on, it is always one or the other. In those cases what I do is, I keep my top 5 travel friendly apps that I feel are really useful in my phone.

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Going on a vacation is real fun. You get to see some awesome places, shop a lot, have all the local delicacies and click some great pictures. Although these are some of my favorite things to do during the getaway, packing and making sure everything is all ready is pretty hectic. Until recently, I learned the most efficient way to pack but that is for whole another blog post . For now, I have put together my top 5 travel friendly apps that I use during my vacations. ย I hope you would like them as well.

My Top 5 Travel Friendly Apps :

  • Here WeGo Offline maps

HERE WeGo Offline maps are really useful as it allows you to download maps of over 200 countries. Once you install the app, you can download the specific map for the country you need. This helps you to use the map without the internet. I feel using maps offline is hassle free. This is the only app that I found which works offline. HERE WeGo maps also provide voice navigation in 94 countries and live traffic updates in 33 countries, however traffic updates requires internet connection. You would never lose track with this app.

  • Uber

Uber is a very popular app these days. It is a drop off service app. Once you install the app, you can book your taxi’s to wherever you want to go. Uber provides its service in almost 633 cities. The best part about this app that I find is, it has upfront pricing. By upfront pricing, I mean, right when you book the taxi, the estimated amount will be shown and almost always that is the amount we have to pay . Although Uber provides upfront pricing, in certain countries the pricing is based on the taxi meter. However, there are times when they provide offers too, that is exciting. Is it not?

  • Zomato – Restaurant finder

Another great app I like is Zomato. There are tons of restaurant reviews, pictures of the restaurants and their menus in Zomato. Some restaurants might not have their official page or website. For those of you who would like to know how good it could be, try reading the reviews in Zomato and I’m sure you will not be disappointed. They also provide home delivery in some countries.

  • Trivago : Hotels & Travel

Trivago is an app which helps in hotel booking. It helps in hotel booking by price comparison. There could be different price for the same room in different websites. What Trivago does is, it compares the prices and shows the best prices. It is available in over 50 countries and it has 190 million hotel ratings.

  • Google Translate

Last but not the least, is the amazing Google Translate. Who wouldn’t want a translating app with you? All my worries are resolved when I have this app with me. I believe language should never be the barrier to any of your amazing experiences. It translates to up to 103 languages when online and 53 languages when offline.

Try using these apps for your next holiday and have a nice one.

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