My Medjugorje Experience

Travelling was always my dream. The very first time I flew to a place apart from my home country (India) and my residing country (U.A.E) was to Switzerland. Unfortunately, I was way too young to remember anything clearly. Hence, there’s only a very faint memory of the time, my family and I spent at Switzerland. So technically, my trip to Medjugorje is the first trip that I wholly remember. Read to know more of my Medjugorje experience .

my medjugorje experience-the girl abroad

Medjugorje meaning between mountains is a small town in the Herzegovina region of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It has become an unofficial pilgrimage place since 1981 with the apparition of Mother Mary on the apparition hill to 6 children. Medjugorje is a 3 hour drive from Sarejavo International airport, which takes almost 6 hours of fly time from Dubai International airport. The average population of the place marks to less than 2500. The winters of Medjugorje has temperatures as low as -4 degree Celsius and that of Summers rise up to 45 degree Celsius. However, the peak season is during the summers, we went there in December because of which the medjugorje experience for all of us was even more calm and peaceful. With appropriate clothing and being brought up in U.A.E, experiencing snow was very surreal and an added bonus of being there in December.

Where to stay?

rooms kenedy, medjugorje experience-the girl abroad
Rooms Kenedy home stay

Since, we went during the off-peak season, it was pretty much easy to find a place to stay in. Although, there are many hotels to stay in, we chose for a home stay. Rooms Kenedy is a place owned and maintained by Marija Kennedy and her family. They provide accommodation, free parking space, Wi-Fi facility, shared lounge area, airport shuttle and provides a whole lot of hospitality. It is very close to St. James church and has great family rooms.

What places to visit, when in Medjugorje?

  • St. James church
  • Apparition hill
  • Cross mountain
  • Blue cross mountain
  • Risen cross
  • Anthony’s church in Humac

We climbed 2 out of the 3 mountain/hill, the apparition hill and the cross mountain. The apparition hill can be climbed even when the sun goes down as it is well lit up but cross mountain should be climbed when there is still sun light. In order to commute, you can either walk, take a taxi from the taxi stand or you can even request rooms Kenedy to arrange for the transportation. It is a very peaceful and beautiful place with some amazing people who would love to help if anything comes up.

Enjoy all the pictures below that would help to describe my medjugorje experience even more.

St. Anthony's church, medjugorje experience-the girl abroad
St. Anthony’s church, Humac
St. James church, medjugorje experience-the girl abroad
St. James church
Cross mountain, medjugorje experience-the girl abroad
Cross mountain
Cross mountain, medjugorje experience-the girl abroad
At the top of cross mountain







Apparition hill, medjugorje experience-the girl abroad
Apparition hill

It is a very divine and serene place to visit to calm yourself from all the chaotic schedules of life. The best time to visit is on 2nd or 25th of any month, preferably during summers if the low temperatures would bother. Hope you enjoyed and got inspired from my medjugorje experience.


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