Maxi Dress Idea, Around the Calendar

Anyone else who loves maxi dresses, I love them. It has been in trend from long ago. It discontinued for a short while but picked up its position back soon enough. When the maxi trend had set in recently, my mother would tell me about the time when she used to have one of those.  She would also tell me her maxi dress idea. It is one piece in the wardrobe which you can use round the calendar. It is very effortless to either style it up or even down. You can style it for anything casual to even a dinner night.

maxi dress idea-the girl abroad


It is mid-October and winter is just around the corner. The temperatures here in Dubai has dropped down, we experience a lot of fog during the early mornings and pleasant soft breeze during the evenings. Even though most of the summer is over, there is still place for maxi dresses as it is really comfortable to be in. For the days, we think there is nothing to wear even though we have a load of clothes, I know I have been there, a maxi dress rescues your day.  The days you and your friends decide to meet up to go for shopping, for a movie or just for a small lunch together, a maxi dress would be beautiful. For me, when friends meet up, it is all about sharing all your stories and clicking a ton of picture. You know where else would it be appropriate, family dinners or even for a date night. Since it is light, comfortable and flowy it is also suitable for any mini getaways.

Maxi Dress Idea for Winter

We buy all the summer clothes when we head towards those months. Once summers are over, those pile of dresses end up at the back in the wardrobe for the next year. The next year we shop again when the new trends kick in. That is when we just somehow try to get rid of our previous clothes without having used them enough. I am all into managing clothes and trying to reuse clothing pieces while the trend is still in. As winter approaches, I start thinking of some winter outfit ideas. The climate in Dubai during the winters are not very extreme hence I like to wear maxi dresses. Although maxi dresses with a lot of floral designs and pastel colors shouts out summer, I very easily style it for winters with some good pair of jackets. A pair of denim jacket or a leather jacket would just transform the look in seconds. It can be a staple piece even during the winters.

The pastel and floral maxi dress that I wore in the picture is from Red Tag Fashion. They have really good collection of it and also of winter wears. If you have the right accessories, then you are good to go in a maxi dress. For me less is more, I just accessorized it with my Espirit watch, a chain and wore it with my white sneakers and Vincci handbag. Tell me if you have any different maxi dress idea. Looking forward to know all your ideas on styling a very simple yet comfortable and elegant piece of clothing.

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