Ice Cream Lab Review

Here is a small review on a very satisfying ice cream you can have without having to feel any guilt. If you ask me, my absolute favorite thing to eat anytime would definitely have to be ice cream. Ice cream may be at the top most position if we decide to count the calories we take in. This often makes me feel guilty every time I have a scoop of ice cream. I am sure many of us these days tend to count the calorie intake subconsciously if not intended to. The Ice Cream Lab is a brand who makes the experience tasty and very exciting. Let us get on with a short Ice Cream Lab review.

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The Ice Cream Lab is a concept which took shape initially in Beverly Hills, California and now expanding in all the MENA region. The exciting part is that they use the molecular gastronomy to make fresh ice creams. Molecular gastronomy is a cooking style in which the chefs studies how the food tastes and appears under various scientific conditions. Heston Blumenthal is a world known chef who often uses molecular gastronomy in his kitchen. Cooking by Heston Blumenthal is an absolute feast to the eyes.

The Process

Ice Cream Lab uses liquid nitrogen to prepare the ice cream. They use California milk to prepare the liquid base along with all natural ingredients which are fresh and organic. The liquid base is initially poured into their machine. With the addition of liquid nitrogen, the whole atmosphere turns into something like a chemistry lab with a lot of smoke. Within less than a minute all the smoke evaporates right in front of our eyes leaving behind some amazing ice cream. The whole process makes it very exciting to watch for the inner child in you. For those of you who might have the doubts about liquid nitrogen in food, initially I did have them too. After browsing through some articles about liquid nitrogen, I learned that liquid nitrogen may be used in preparing food but should never be ingested.

There are various flavors of ice creams  to try out from them. I tried out their lotus ice cream. Having an actual scoop of ice cream which was in liquid state few seconds ago was very shocking to me. Now heading towards the most exciting part. They do not add any sugar, emulsifiers, additives or preservatives in their ice creams. They are 100% organic and very delicious.

Where can you find them?

At the moment they are available in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Jeddah, Iraq and Nigeria in the MENA zone. Furthermore, there are stores opening in Oman, Bahrain and Kuwait shortly. In Dubai, the stores are in Dubai Mall, Deira City Centre and City Centre Ma’aisem and in Abu Dhabi they are now in Al Wahda Mall. Apart from ice creams, they have milkshakes and coffee but I am yet to try them out.

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I would absolutely recommend for you all to try out this ice cream at least once. Please make sure all of the liquid nitrogen evaporates. If you enjoyed the Ice Cream Lab review, do let me know. Also if you would like some more reviews.

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