Glamisha Product Review

If you have been following me on instagram you might be aware of my first ever collaboration. Recently I received a goodie bag from the brand named Glamisha. Here’s a glamisha product review with all the products I got my hands on.Glamisha Product review-the girl abroad

Glamisha is an Indian brand which was recently launched. They have their  products in the skin care and hair care line and claims to use all natural extracts. They have come up with 5 products at the moment out of which they sent me 4. The hair care products include a shampoo and a conditioner and the skin care line included a face wash, face lightening cream and a face lift cream. You can either buy the products through their mobile website or from amazon website. Read along to know my Glamisha product review.

Glamisha skin care products:

  • Face wash with Mulberry & Licorice extracts

Mulberry is considered to be an antioxidant. Since the fruit is full of antioxidants, it is beneficial to use as an anti-ageing treatment for a youthful and wrinkle free skin. On the other hand, licorice helps to remove dark spots or discoloration. It helps in removing under-eye circles. Both of these ingredients makes this face wash do wonders. I actually really enjoy using this face wash. It is very mild and is paraben free. The MRP for this face wash is ₹350 and has an expiry date for 2 years. Glamisha product review face wash-the girl abroad

  • Skin Lightening cream with Kojic acid Dipalmitate and Arbutin

Let me get this out first, I am actually not a huge fan of skin lightening creams. Having said that, this product is actually not intended to lighten the overall skin tone but to even out any discoloration on skin. This product is actually great for removing tan. Kojic acid dipalmitate is a derivative of kojic acid and palmitic acid. It is more stable and oil soluble. The main advantage of this derivative is that it helps to remove any formation of dark spot or uneven skin tone. The MRP is ₹975 and has span of 17 months. Like the Glamisha face wash, this too is paraben free. Glamisha product review skin lightening cream - the girl abroad

Glamisha hair care product:

  • Glamisha Hair Conditioner with Pro Vitamin B5 & Tea Tree oil

Out of all the products I received, this one is my favorite. It leaves the hair very soft and oil free for at least 4 days. Pro vitamin B5 or D-Panthenol is a very beneficial vitamin for hair. It improves the elasticity of hair and also stimulate hair growth. Hair conditioners are an essential part of your hair care routine. A good conditioner helps to maximize the strength and shine of the hair. Tea tree oil helps in all of the above and is a very good addition in this conditioner. All the products of their range is paraben free and the conditioner is no exception. The MRP of it is ₹355 and has a span of 2 years.Glamisha product review hair conditioner- the girl abroad


I also received the face lift cream with vitamin E which I am yet to trGlamisha product review face lift cream-the girl abroady out. Vitamin E is said to be the beauty oil which helps to plump up the skin and makes it look moisturized and youthful. This one too is free of any parabens. The MRP of this is ₹970 and has a span of 2 years.


I really enjoyed trying out all of these products and I hope you enjoyed reading my glamisha product review. Be sure to check out their mobile website and do let me know if you too try out their products.

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