About Me



Hello people, welcome to my blog !

I am Tessa, a 24 year old living in the United Arab Emirates. ‘THE GIRL ABROAD’ is a blog for all things relating to Beauty, Lifestyle, Food, Health and Travel. Sharing my experiences and honest reviews on some great products is what I intend to do in this space of mine.

Being brought up in UAE, I have always loved makeup, food and clothing. I might be having a very bad day, but the instant I step into a mall and gaze through all the crazy and fun new stuffs in store, be it makeup, clothes or shoes, the whole outlook will be changed. The other great thing that makes me really really happy are desserts. Every once in a while I try making some of them. Sometimes it ends up being a huge disaster, not gonna lie. There are times when it turns out pretty great too. So yes, I assure you, the great recipes will surely end up here as well.

Whatever may be the reason for you finding my blog, I am grateful that you are spending some valuable time reading and growing my world. Also, please do let me know if you would like me to write on any topic in particular.

Let’s grow together!

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